Types of Network Marketing

Types of Network Marketing


 Till now you have known a lot about Network Marketing. Isn’t it? well, in this blog, we will discuss the types of Network Marketing.

There are 3 types of Network Marketing that we will be discussing.

  1. Single-tier Marketing
  2. Two-tier Marketing
  3. Multi-level Marketing

So, grab your pen and a notebook for a better understanding of the subject –

Types of Network Marketing –

  1. Single-Tier Marketing -
    In single-tier marketing, all you have to do is sign up with the affiliate program of the company and sell their products or services. You don’t have to recruit your downlines and all your income is sourced from the direct sales that you make. Also, you might get paid for the traffic you bring to the affiliate websites of the company.

  2. Two-Tier Marketing -
    In this, you do recruit some of the downlines but your income is not solely dependent on it. you get paid for the direct sales and traffic that you bring to the website. And when you recruit someone, if that person also makes a direct sale and brings traffic to the website. You get paid.

  3. Multi-Level Marketing -
    It contains two or more tiers. In this, there are incentives for recruiting an individual. This is the most common and practiced type of network marketing. Mostly, all businesses invest in this type of marketing.

With this, we come to the end of this blog. We hope that this will widen your understanding on the subject of Network Marketing.

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